Episode 044: Walter Clapp on Biomimicry and the Power Grid

The founder and Director of Community Adaptation, LLC discusses the challenges facing our power grid & how we can better design our cities

Photo: Landezine.com
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Regarding the nation's power grid, Walter Clapp, the founder and Director of Community Adaptation, LLC, believes this infrastructure is at risk. "It's probably the largest piece of technology in existence today and its construction started well over a hundred years ago...and there has not been really any leaps in technological advances for the electric grid," says Clapp. "As a result, it has remained quite vulnerable to tree limbs all the way up to solar storms."

On this episode of the Parksify Podcast, Clapp discusses the power grid and he also explains how we can design better cities through the use of biomimicry, which is the practice of designing to emulate nature's strategies for efficiency. 

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