Episode 046: Patrick Duggan and Stuart Andrews on Art and City Resilience

Duggan and Andrews discuss a research project in New Orleans to study how arts and culture contribute to the resiliency of cities. 

Photo: Landezine.com
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We often hear a lot about city resiliency, but much of that relates to urban planning and design. What if art and culture play a key role in the resiliency of cities? 

This is one of the questions Dr. Patrick Duggan and Dr. Stuart Andrews plan to answer when they perform research in New Orleans this spring. 

"While there's been a really big growth recently in significant international interests in questions of city resilience and the development of corresponding city resilience plans and strategies, there's not been a substaintial study of yet that looks at the usefulness of artistic practice to those understandings of resilience that are being developed within a city," says Duggan. 

On this episode of the Parksify Podcast, Duggan and Andrews discuss the project, as well as how the result of the study will be disseminated to the public, urban planners, and city officials. 

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