Episode 033: Dr. Robert Zarr on Park Rx America

Dr. Zarr discusses Park Rx America and the process of doctors who prescribe parks and nature to patients. 

On this episode of the Parksify Podcast, Ash Blankenship speaks with Dr. Robert Zarr, a board certified pediatrician at Unity Health in Washington, DC and the founder and Medical Director of Park Rx America, a community health initiative to prescribe nature to patients in order to prevent and treat chronic illness and to promote wellness. 

Regarding the parks and nature prescription process, Dr. Zarr notes that there's a trend beginning to take shape among the medical community to prescribe parks to patients. 

“We’re really normalizing the idea of a park prescription, just the way we normalized the idea of a prescription for penicillin when you come in with strep throat," Zarr told me. 

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