Episode 032: William Raudenbush on private development and parks

Raudenbush discusses advocacy to save NYC's Roosevelt Park and private development's impact on public spaces

On this episode of the Parksify Podcast, Ash Blankenship speaks with William Raudenbush, candidate for NYC City Council and parks advocate. 

Raudenbush discusses his work around saving NYC's Theodore Roosevelt Park from private development, and the overall impact private development has on public spaces. 

Raudenbush has a good understanding of what our cities need in relation to public spaces and green spaces. He's running for public office to ensure that citizens on the city's Upper West Side have access to parks that are essential to their health and vitality. 

“I’m originally from Colorado and I spent a lot of time in the Colorado Mountains fly fishing, so I’m very tuned in to how our public spaces and our green spaces rejuvenate us, as far as being able to recharge from our days and recharge from the hustle and bustle.” 

You can learn more about saving Theodore Roosevelt Park by visiting Community United to Protect Theodore Roosevelt Park.

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