The latest updates on the Parksify Podcast

Parksify gets an updated studio

Hi folks. I am super excited to have updated my studio space, the place where I record all episodes of the Parksify Podcast. One of the most important aspects of the space is the soundproofing panels I installed; this means better sound quality for recordings. 

My new recording space, aka Parksify Studios

My new recording space, aka Parksify Studios

In addition to the new recording space, I also upgraded my software to Adobe Audition, a program used widely among podcasters. 

These upgrades should have a positive impact on the Parksify Podcast, allowing me to focus more on quality. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Parksify's Supporting Members. It's because of their patronage that I have been able to continue my work and to make it better. So big thanks to all Supporting Members. 

I'll be recording two new episodes on Thursday of this week, with the next release on November 14. 

Now that I have the new studio space and software, I am ready to take on more podcast episodes and have set a goal to make Parksify a weekly podcast. For that, I could really use your support. 

I'm currently running a campaign through the end of the year in order to gain 10 new Supporting Members. Reaching that goal is essential in helping me spend additional time to release weekly episodes. 

You can learn more about this campaign and sign up here

I am looking forward to using my new studio space and bringing more high-quality episodes of the Parksify Podcast to you, my listeners. 

Ash Blankenship