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Parksify guest Dr. Robert Zarr featured on NBC Nightly News

Zarr tells NBC Nightly News that patients can improve their chronic illness and reduce stress by spending time in nature

Dr. Robert Zarr, a board-certified pediatrician and founder of Park Rx America joined the Parksify Podcast recently to discuss why doctors are writing nature and park prescriptions for their patients. 

And on Saturday evening, Dr. Zarr was featured on NBC Nightly News to explain how patients can improve their chronic illness while reducing stress simply by spending time in green spaces. 

According to Dr. Zarr, patients need exposure to three key elements of green spaces—the sounds of birds chirping, the sights of trees and leaves, and the sound of streams and water. A result is a natural form of healing that also helps our minds take part in our innate desire to spend time in nature. 

The NBC Nightly News segment featuring Dr. Zarr is below, as well as the Parksify Podcast episode. 

Ash Blankenship