The latest updates on the Parksify Podcast

The Parksify Podcast turns one


In September, 2016, Jacob Moses and I launched the Parksify Podcast. In the premier episode, we discussed the nighttime closure of parks. We quickly followed up that episode with a conversation with Jeff Speck in October. Since then, the Parksify Podcast has grown to include over 30 episodes.

Here's a look back at Parksify's successes over the past year, successes that were made possible thanks to you.


What's next?

2017 has been a phenomenal year for the Parksify Podcast and I'm looking forward to closing out this year with exponential growth in followers and amazing guests on the show!

In 2018, I hope to continue this trend and to also gain additional Supporting Members, who help fund the Parksify Podcast. Supporting Members sign up for either $5 or $8 per month and receive great perks including Parksify stickers and tote bags. 

With additional Supporting Members, I'll be able to continue growing the Parksify Podcast and carry on the tradition of having great guests on the show. 

Join me as the Parksify Podcast moves into year two

All the best, 

Ash Blankenship

Ash Blankenship