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Hi folks. So here’s the deal. A few times each year, I make an appeal, asking Parksify’s listeners for help. As an independent podcast with no ads, Parksify depends on the patronage of Supporting Members. So if you’re enjoying the Parksify Podcast, please consider supporting my work so I can keep it going. When you sign up, I’ll also send you awesome perks including Parksify stickers or a Parksify tote bag, as my way of saying thanks. 

Why is it important to support Parksify? 

Each month, I spend hundreds of hours scheduling podcast recordings, meeting with guests, recording episodes, editing the podcast, and sharing my work with those around the world who listen faithfully to the podcast. Additionally, there are costs associated with running the podcast. 

Small contributions from Supporting Members allow me to keep the podcast going and to “keep the lights on.” 

Since the launch of the Parksify Podcast in September 2016, it's had over 14,000 downloads across 34 episodes. 

Lastly, as the number of Supporting Members increase, I will be able to produce more content. This could include releasing podcast episodes on a weekly basis instead of a bi-weekly schedule as well as helping to lock in more great guests. 

So please consider supporting my work and help keep the Parksify Podcast going. We’ve had many great guests over the past year and have shared many wonderful stories related to public spaces. 

Become a Supporting Member today for either $5 or $8 a month. 

Payments are made through Memberful and are processed through Stripe, and you can cancel anytime. 

Thanks so much for your help! I'm excited about the future of the Parksify Podcast. 

Until then, I’ll see you on the podcast, 

-Ash B. 

Ash Blankenship