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The Parksify Podcast is all about urban public spaces and their impacts on the communities and cities we live in. Since the launch of the podcast in September 2016, episodes have included interviews with authors, planners and urbanists including Jeff Speck, Said Benfield, Mitchell Silver, Charles Marohn, among others. You can find the Parksify Podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, and of course, on

History of Parksify

The story of Parksify begins in 2013 with a dream. While living in Washington, DC, I dreamt of a site called Parksify that shared stories about urban public spaces. 

I awoke briefly to note the name of the site and quickly dozed off. When I woke up to start my day, the note next to my bed read “Parksify.” And this was the start of Parksify. 

Within weeks Parksify was a blog on the Tumblr platform, and with social media accounts in hand, I began growing the site’s followers. Within months hundreds of folks were following and visiting the site each week. 

The brand grew from my experience writing about the built environment for Urban Times and my interest in sharing stories related to urban public spaces. 

I believe that everyone has a story to tell about an experience with public spaces. Whether that's related to visiting a neighborhood park as a kid, playing basketball at a nearby court, or lounging in a city park on a Saturday afternoon, public spaces play a large part in our lives. With Parksify, I help tell stories that related to these places. 

Ash Blankenship


I'm Ash Blankenship and I originally founded Parksify in 2013 as a blog on Tumblr. Since then, Parksify has evolved into the Parksify Podcast. 

With the podcast, I have had opportunities to discuss urban planning, parks and the social impacts of public spaces. 

Currently my main focus is on growing the Parksify Podcast by securing and interviewing guests, growing followers and obtaining new Supporting Members, the core funding for Parksify. 

In addition to the Parksify Podcast, I work several part-time gigs including with DoorDash and Postmates, both of which allow me the flexibility to focus on Parksify. In the coming months, I hope to make Parksify a full-time venture. This would allow me to produce more content (possibly a weekly podcast) and to continue growing the Parksify Podcast. 

If you'd like to support my work with the podcast, consider becoming a Supporting Member, and receive great perks including Parksify stickers and tote bags. 

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