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Latest columns

5 reasons cities need better cycling infrastructure
Study after study has shown that bikeable cities create healthier, safer, and more resilient neighborhoods. Yet too many cities in the U.S. fail when it comes to transforming city streets into places that welcome cyclists.
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Google looks to disrupt Toronto's urban planning
In Toronto, there are plans to convert a 12-acre portion of the city’s waterfront into a vibrant urban community, but this planned neighborhood is gaining exposure not because of its urban designs
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The challenge with meeting our neighbors
I wish I knew my neighbors. I believe that if I did, I would be happier and more content living in my apartment building. As I write this, I look out my window to the street below, while sitting in an apartment unit that’s boxed in by neighbors I don’t know or have never met.
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The benefits of shared space street design
If you walk along Española Way in Miami Beach, you’ll notice that there are no defined sidewalks, or street signs, or even streets as we know them. That’s because this block of street was designed using a shared space approach. 
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The Parksify Podcast turns one
In September, 2016, Jacob Moses and I launched the Parksify Podcast. Since then, the Parksify Podcast has grown to include over 30 episodes.
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